Automated billings for your company

Automate your billing and payment collection!

Do you send invoices to customers in Thailand and the rest of the world?

Take advantage of this automatic billing system where you create your invoices, send them out by email, or post to customers worldwide.

Collect payments by
  • Credit card payment
  • ​Internet banking
  • True Money
  • Line payment
  • PayPal
From estimate to receipt
  • Create an estimate (offer/quotation)
  • ...or an order
  • Convert the estimate or order to an invoice by the click of button
  • Automatically generates a receipt when paid.
The system reminds you when it is time to send the invoice again.
  • ​Monthly or yearly recurring payments

A full overview of paid and unpaid invoices as well as when invoices are due

Send payment reminders by click on the mouse

Customers can see the history of all their bills.

Includes exPub CRM - a basic Content Relationship Management system

Who can use exPub Billing?

Any company or organization sending invoices to customers by email or post can use exPub Billing. A built-in system for recurring invoices will help you to easily manage and remember invoices that are to be billed on a regular basis. 

Why use exPub Billing?

It is super easy to use and simplifies payment for your customers. Your customers can pay online and payment is registered instantly. Once payment is received, a receipt is created. All fully automated. 


As a juristic person for a condo, you send out an invoice every month for electricity and water. You also send out invoices for maintenance fees on a monthly, half-yearly, or yearly basis. These are invoices that you create once and you will get a timely reminder when they are due to be sent again. For water and electricity, you only change the number of units and click send. It cannot get much simpler than that. If the tenant does not pay in time, a reminder will be present and by the click of a button, the reminder email is sent automatically. 

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